Well, this is your (un)lucky day, isn't it, all three readers of mine.  The unseasonable weather has closed in again and riding to town is not really an option unless I want to turn this headcold into full-on bloody pneumonia so it is time for a few more lines.  Honestly, even in the heat of this place, and I am writing in a pair of shorts and nothing else, a wet Tshirt, so undoubtedly attracftive on certain young ladies, is a positive health hazard for middle aged men.  I'm sure this is what got me sniffling like this in the first place.

I was going to tell you about the hell journey back from Siquijor but I really don't have the heart for it.  It was just more bureaucracy, legalised theft, annoyance, delay, diesel fumes and the incessant tinny soft rock power ballads.  I swear, I used to like the Scorpions!  You would really think the Philippines didn't want to encourage tourism.  Actually they do, just so long as everyone is getting their cut, right up to the top.  I'll discuss that particular matter later.

Parting view of Siquijor.
OK, the journey was a hassle and a ripoff but it was well worth it.  I would definitely ride round Siquijor again although I would probably have to do it on a scooter that couldn't take me to some of the wonderful places I saw.  The picture above was actually taken from the jetty waiting for the ferry and was one of the prettiest views I saw.  It really is a magical place with or without witches.  Once again this bloody appalling site has ruined me ambition to do something vaguely creative.  It really has a mind of it's own regarding alignment, font size etc.  May the web designers of this piece of crap be shot with a blunderbuss full of their own excrement.I am definitely changing sites next trip.

The last image shows little Suzi tied up on the return journey which was far less choppy and quicker than the outbound.  I shall resume this shortly as it seems the only way to make this Hell-cursed piece of technology work.  Sorry, but it really is making me a very unhappy bunny.

Suzi in bondage.

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