Here we go again - parental guidance advised.

I have to warn you now that this post, or maybe the next depending on how much I write here, is going to contain images you may find offensive, hence the title.  One is a culinary thing that I have seen people being physically ill watching and the other, well, I'll let you judge for yourself.  Put the children to bed, make sure you are not about to eat dinner and away we go.

Delightful fish steak.
I'll start you off easy.  I know people like to know what I am up to in a culinary sense, so here is an image that I hope will please you.  I mentioned the wonderful Atong Kamalig restaurant where I dine often and they will sometimes have fish like this.  I love the idea that the fish on offer is what they have on sale in the market that day.  I know for a fact that they have several ladies whose sole function is to visit the markets for the best possible produce.  They come in at about 1800 hours with their purchases, one lady with the fish, one with meat and one with veggies.  If you want this particular fish (I genuinely don't know if it is tuna or marlin) you just have to pick the right night.  This is not on the menu as they don't know when they will have it, it is simply a matter of point and smile which is one of my favourite dining options.  I love to eat things when I don't actually know what they are.   The first bite can be quite incredible!

Moving spiral staircase.
This is a slightly odd image, I understand.  One day my mate Gerry ran into the place where I stay and demanded that we all head out to the road.  Why?  Sounded like a bit of an oddrequest to me.  Apparently the spiral staircase for his treehouse was finished and coming down the road and he wanted us to see it.  OK, he is a good guy, so I humoured him.  I have not yet seen his treehouse although I have been invited and I believe that it is really something to behold.  He has a treehouse about twice the size of my flat in London as well as his main house on the beach.  I'll bring you full details when I visit.

For now, I appreciate this is a very short post but I have got to go and do things, such is my life now. 

In a rare window of opportunity on the internet, which is sketchy here to say the least, I have uploaded quite a few images to this site and have lots to tell you so stay tuned.

The parental advisory, as the Americans put it, is still in place for the next post.  I still have the images!

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