Just a quickie.

I know this is totally out of sequence but I just had to post these photos, I think they are great.  Last night I went to a kindergarten graduation party.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I'll save all the details of the location (halfway up a mountain and across a rickety bamboo bridge etc.) until the appropriate time.  I had a great night and got home late.

Philippines National Beardpulling Championships.
I just love this photo.  I have mentioned before the complete wonderment of Asian children with facial hair.  I have a reasonably luxuriant set of face furniture and it causes no end of amusement as you can see.  This went on all night.  Most people come home from a party and wake up with a sore head, I wake up with a sore chin.  I kid you not.

The Professor.
This little cutie was such a poser, she couldn't get enough of having her photo taken.  Her real name is Melrose but of course I couldn't remember that so I just called her the Professor.  She loved it.  Speaking of names, the little girl in the background is called Cyril.  Her Mother told me she thought it was a nice name.  Fair enough then.

And here are some of my new little friends.  I just loved these youngsters (the adults were pretty fantastic too) and had such a good time, it really was one of the best parties I have ever been to.

My new friends.
OK, interlude over and now I must away.  The sun is shining and I can feel a day by Mia's pool coming on.  Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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