First night on Negros.

So, I have successfully published the last post about the wonderful seafood restaurant I visited literally 15 minutes after arriving on Negros.  I was a little tired but Buena had other plans.  Herself, Kenny, Gregg, myself and two other friends who had joined us all took off into the centre of town.  Remember, I am just off the boat and not orientated at all. I have only a vague idea where my hotel is in a completely alien town based on a Google map image in my head and it is already well dark.  No problem, Fergy style travelling.

A short drive took us to what I now know is the main drag called Lacson Street, and just off it is the old Government building fronted by the lagoon which is very much the centre of town.  Think Trafalgar Square, Times Square, that sort of thing.

It seemed like the whole town was out taking the air.  Here is what it looks like.

Pretty, isn't it?

The lagoon was all lit up and very pretty as well.

The lake is stocked with fish and Buena asked me did I want to feed them.  OK, sounds like fun, so we went to the vendor to get fishfood.  What was it?  Only popcorn.  Fish eating popcorn, I had neverheard of such a thing but they go bloody mad for it.  I suggest you don't try this at home with your prize carp but it works here.

Having done the lagoon promenade thing, it still wasn't over, more to see but I was getting my second wind now.  Remember, I still haven't even checked into my hotel and had said I would be there about 7 but, go with the flow.  Off out of town to the new Government building which is the administrative capital of Negros Occidental.  I should explain.  The island is divided into two administrative areas, Negros Occidental to the North and West and Negros Oriental to the South and East with Bacolod and Dumaguete City as the respective capitals.  There is a fairly new Government building just outside Bacolod as you can see here.

The reason for this visit was that it was approcahing Chinese New Year and there was a competitive display of the largest Chinese lanterns I have ever seen.  I was not there for the judging, I shall describe later why, so I do not know which of these excellent entries won.

T give you an idea of scale, these figures are about 6 or 7 feet tall, they are really impressive.

Gregg needed to get back to his hotel just outside town, so after another quick drink in a bar there, we dropped him and I was left off to the door of my hotel.  Thanks again Kenny, you are a star.  I could tell you about the hotel here but on the principle of short, sharp entries in deference to the power situation here, I'll do that shortly.

Stay tuned folks!

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