Apologies folks.

I have just checked back here and found out, to my surprise, that it is nearly a month since I have posted here. Tempus fugit, as they say. Manila seems like such a long time ago and so much has happened since then. There was the Boracay island VT meeting which was the primary reason for my trip, a few lovely days in Bacolod with my friends Buena and Gregg and then down to the wonderful city of Dumaguete to the South of the island of Negros where I am currently writing this. I mentioned VT and any internet time has been spent trying to keep my pages current there which can be quite time consuming. You may want to have a look here for some further information.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the links to Manila, Apolong, Boracay Island, Dumaguete City, Bacong, Zamboanguita etc.

I know not many people read this and I think that I have informed most of you via e-mail already but for those that don't know, we suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake here a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time in an earthquake and it was frankly terrifying. Sadly, somewhere in the region of 100 people are dead just North of here in a landslide triggered by the quake, but more of all that later.

Just to make sense of things, I shall go back to where I last posted in Manila and do it in bitesize chunks again. The great advantage to this is that the reader will not be subjected to the usual verbal diahhroea I am prone to here as I have so much to get through.

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