Thanks to all.

Dear friends,

thank you so much for all the comments here and messages of support via e-mail, 'phone etc. They really are much appreciated. My Mother is currrently in hospital and there is no word as to when she may be discharged, so it looks like I shall be staying in Northern Ireland for a while. I must say it was a bit of a culture shock returning from the 37 degree heat of Trat to, literally, a blizzard. As I write this about 25,000 homes in the Province are still without power following a terrible storm a couple of nights ago.

Obviously I have had more to think about than taking photos but I did take this snap of the local skyline and the other of our local parish church to give you a flavour of what Northern Ireland is like for those of you that have not been there. Certainly it was a very sudden abd awfu way for me to end my trip, but the travel has reinforced to me my desire to be on the road and that I can survive well on my own whilst I travel, both of which were valuable experiences. I am now more determined than ever to do more and more travelling as circumstances permit.

I shall write a few more entries for the purpose of displaying some of my favourite images in due course.

Once again, many thanks to you all.

Speak soon,


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