Totally irrelevant.

I only have a very little time here, having promised to play a St. Paddy's Day gig in a tatoo parlour of all places, and nothing much to report here in Trat. There is still martial law, not that you would know it, and the demonstrators in Bangkok have taken to throwing human blod around which, goven the HIV / AIDS rate here probably isn't a great idea but it does not afect me here.

I thought, by way of contrast, I would make you hungry! I have eaten everything pictured, and bloody delicious it was. Nothing here with the exception of the scallops and pregnant crab, cost anything like £5 ($7US). Eat your hearts out, because I am eating everything else!.

Believe me, tis represents about the first three weeks of this trip. I think I shall annoy you some more later with a lot more photos of absolutely delicious grub.

In the mesntime, happy St. Paddy's Day, Must away, my public awaits!

Speak soon,


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  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day, Fergy.
    Hope you are well. Your photos of dishes are making me so hungry!

    Happy travel. :)