जुस्त अ क़ुइक्क लाइन.

these titles really are driving me mad!

The squiggle above, pretty as it looks, says "Just a quick line" which is what this is. I am writing this in a bar (funny enough) in Pnomh Penh on the bar computer so I don't have access to my photos etc. I am having a great time here, although it is very hot and sticky (about 35 degrees mostly) and only going to get hotter. In a few days I will travel South to Sihanoukville where I plan to do a bit more diving and relaxing on a beach. It's a hard life!

Tomorrow, I plan to test my emotional resolve and revisit S21 (the genocide museum) and Chuoung Ek (the Killing fields). I know the effect they had on me last time and I am not sure if I will be slightly immunisaed against them a second time around. I'll let you know when I post a proper entry in the near future, and hopefully I can sort out the photo thing, I have some great ones, well, they are probably not that good but I like them.

i have decided to put back my return home but I need to be back by mid May as I have a stag weekend to go to in Edinburgh, how awful for me! I trust everything is OK with all of youm, and Happy New Year (of the Tiger) which was celebrated here a couple of days ago.

Speak soon,


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